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Success at all levels is a balance of vision, belief and creativity.

Relationships based on mutual trust and respect will nurture talent and deliver the best results.

These key elements form the pulse that drives the development and growth of profitable business.

Jerome Marcus - Managing Director, Jerome Marcus

At Jerome Marcus we are passionate about the business of music and the music of business. We offer a complete consultancy service, from artist management to zither endorsement, helping the music business stay creative, new and cutting edge.

At the heart of Jerome Marcus is our relationship with friends and clients, and it is our relationships that make what we offer so unique. There are so many benefits to the type of intensive, personalized services we offer that we know that you’ll find working with us to be both rewarding and refreshing. Give us a call to find out how we can help you make the most from the business we love.

Latest News

Porter & Davies Appoint Jerome Marcus as Artist Relations Consultant

Porter & Davies, producer of the acclaimed BC monitor system, are pleased to announce the appointment of Jerome Marcus as Artist Relations Consultant...

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Mike Dolbear

Mike Dolbear has reputable brought drummers together through the power of the internet. Jerome Marcus has been one of the website's feature writers accounting for interviews as Dave Weckl, Bernard Purdie, Jo Jo Mayer amongst many international profiled drummers. Through a website enhancement, he is now featured as he officially joins other experienced writers to be part of Dolbear's team...

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Carrera Drums Photo Shoot via Trans-Atlantic Video Link

The pending launch of Carrera Drums took an interesting twist with a photo shoot in London being directed via a trans-Atlantic Skype Video link from Canada…

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