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We offer a complete music consultancy and management service portfolio, and the following are just a few of our offerings. Our aim is always to motivate, inspire and inject enthusiasm into our work; however, whilst we are passionate about what we do, we are also pragmatic. We recognise that at the heart of business is the need to be profitable. Our bespoke services, recognising the individuality of our clients, are tailored to be cost-effective and enable all concerned to achieve what they want.

Productive Artist Relations

The artist needs business and business needs the artist, yet these relationships can be incredibly difficult to manage. Recognising the differing needs and priorities of each party, together with the ability to communicate in a language that is understood by all, is the key to long term and mutually productive relationships.

With 16 years of experience Jerome Marcus specialises in managing these types of relationships. By acting as the bridge between the artist and the business we ensure ‘win-win’ situations, enabling the artist to get on with being an artist and the business to get on with being a business.

Photography and Videography

Sometimes a picture says it all - the right picture, taken at the right place at the right time says a thousand words. Whether it is a promo shot for an artist, a product or a business, because of the creative relationships we foster we'll get the perfect photo for you. We get to the locations others can't, saving you time, effort and money.

Press and Publicity

The key to the success of any marketing endeavour is the ability to maintain an ongoing working relationship with magazine editors and industry journalists across the many media platforms that now exist. For you, getting your story out there can be a costly, time-consuming and sometimes disheartening experience. Let us take the pain out of the experience. At Jerome Marcus we have the media connections, skill and experience for getting your story heard in the most cost effective way. Let us organise and time solid and useful press releases. Let us schedule interviews and updates. Let us keep the media and industry informed of your news and movements. 


The success of your artist, band, company or product requires the careful blending and mix of promotional activity together with a subtle knowledge of industry trends. Our depth of experience and our ability to think out of the box allows us to come up with the unique mix of promotional activity that maximises potential. Either use us as a sounding board for your promotional ideas or allow us to develop the complete promotional package for you. Either way, we will help you achieve success.


One of the key reasons why products fail is because people do not understand their full potential. Not only do your products need to be showcased to as many artists and industry leaders as possible, they need to be able to see how the product can be used as easily as possible. To educate and train people in a way that captures the imagination and is both interesting and informative is an art form that is often lacking in the majority of product education programmes. Use our experience and contacts to develop the very best programmes to provide and disseminate sound product knowledge throughout the industry.

Artist Endorsements

One of the most effective forms of product promotion is through endorsement. However, the management of the endorsement relationship can be very complicated and time consuming, especially as there are a great deal of competing companies trying to get their own products endorsed. It is important to develop strong personal relationships with the endorsee, and trust is paramount if there are to be beneficial associations that are both mutually fulfilling and enduring.

At Jerome Marcus we have had many years experience in managing endorsement relationships. Our services include (but are not limited to): sourcing endorsements for the mutual benefit of the artists and companies; assisting with replacement equipment, loaner sets for recording, and tour and festival support at an international level; providing endorsers with up-to-date product releases for road testing; dealing with specific custom needs and orders; providing professional advice on gaining endorsements, especially to upcoming potential young candidates; providing advice on equipment and the technical aspects regarding the benefits of the instrument so that the artist can get the best out of its use; and liaising and establishing relationships between artists and companies in the development of new products.

We have worked with quality brands including Sabian, Remo, Vic Firth, Gibraltar, LP and Toca since 1992, and have signed and consolidated endorsement deals with such talented artists as Alan White (Oasis), Gilson Lavis (Jools Holland), Adrian Erlandsson (Cradle Of Filth), Ralph Salmins (Session Great), Daniel Erlandsson (Arch Enemy), Karl Brazil (James Blunt), Ian Matthews (Kasabian) and John Jenkins (The Streets) – to name but a handful.

As part of our endorsement relationships we have managed successful clinic tours with such internationally renowned drum artists as Chad Smith, Dave Weckl, Jojo Mayer, Zoro, Will Calhoun, John Blackwell, Dom Famularo, Mark Schulman and many more. Events like these bring into alignment the marketing and promotion of product lines so as to assist in sales within both the distribution and retail sectors.