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We have had the pleasure and the privilege of working with some of the most talented people in the business. Here is what some of them have had to say about our services:

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Jonathan Joseph (Jeff Beck)

I have had the pleasure of being associated with Jerome for nearly ten years. Upon my relocation to England in 2004, I needed replacement cymbals and I was directed to Jerome by my U.S. based artist rep at Sabian Cymbals. My initial impression of Jerome was that he was extremely dedicated to his job.

His enthusiasm was unmatched, even back then.

Recently, I needed advice with regard to advancing my career. I contacted Jerome to schedule a meeting to discuss the best way to take advantage of some opportunities that were being presented to me. I can only say that making that call was one of the best things I have done. Immediately, Jerome was able to mobilise his global network partners and catapult me into every major magazine on the planet. Marketing and Publicity are just two aspects of the services he provides. His years of experience in the business gives him a very unique perspective as a consultant. I am currently benefiting greatly from his counsel!

I strongly recommend getting in touch with Jerome for your marketing and career development needs. You will be glad you did!

Paul Barretta (Porter & Davies)

In addition to being a popular figure in the music industry, Jerome Marcus is one of the most knowledgeable and best connected. His extensive live and studio experience coupled with his creative perspectives and roles with Arbiter and Sabian mean he really understands the BC concept, the philosophy of the Porter & Davies brand, the retail market, consumer needs and how they all connect. Porter & Davies welcomes his expertise and look forward to Jerome's role supporting the BC concept and other Porter & Davies initiatives on a global basis.

Spike Webb (Mad, Bad & Dangerous)

Jerome came on board with “Mad, Bad and Dangerous – Drummers’ Tales” and Gridlock Media as a Consultant and Associate Producer at the beginning of 2013. Since then his expertise and professionalism has helped to move the MBD brand along leaps and bounds. He really does have a passion for everything he does, and this is as infectious as it is inspiring. He is also extraordinarily well connected. I thought I knew quite a few people until I met Jerome. He seems to know everybody. And when you’re working with high profile personalities, that’s an invaluable asset to have at your fingertips.

Jerome gets stuff done. He’s organised, focused and gets results. He’s also great fun to work with, which in today’s fast paced world is a breath of fresh air.

Wayne Blanchard (WayneB Marketing)

Jerome has many things going for him. He's a good writer and a fine photographer with a solid grasp of the nuances of marketing and communications. He's also a tremendous drummer and percussionist, is very generous as well as extremely dedicated to whatever he does, and he's a great people person... Yes, he's many things, but what I appreciate most is the fact that he is honest. And totally so. With Jerome there is no pretence, there are no games. At times one feels he's got too much on his mind... too many ideas to share with the world. And that may be true and it's a very good thing. But the reality is, when I want an opinion - an honest, informed one at that - I ask Jerome.

Todd Sucherman (Styx)

Jerome is one of those rare guys that after meeting him just once, you know you have a new friend in your life. We'd actually had many email exchanges over the years before we ever actually met and as a rep he was top shelf. His passion for all things musical is contagious and he's just a gem, and I'm thankful to call him a friend. What more can I say? What a guy!

Brendan Buckley (Shakira)

I first met Jerome Marcus while rehearsing in London around 2004. As a Sabian representative, he was my connection to great sounding cymbals in Europe. Throughout the past several years, I've always known him to be a helpful and enthusiastic supporter of music. And, he also does in-depth interviews for publications such as Mike Dolbear's drumming website. I am glad Jerome is merely a phone call away.

Jojo Mayer (Nerve)

Over the past years I have repeatedly had the pleasure of working with Jerome when he was in the position of Sabian Artist Relations Manager. We collaborated on many Drum events and clinic tours throughout the UK. During my international travels as a clinician I’ve been working with A&R representatives from various companies on five continents and would like to remark that Jerome Marcus ranks amongst the best I have worked with. His dedication to the job and to his company, his swift responses in communication, the focus on meticulous detail as well as his deep understanding of the big picture are outstanding.

The energy and drive he puts into his work are also only matched by very few in this business. I could always relate to his work ethic and overall philosophy and enjoyed time on our projects with him on a professional as well as on a personal level.

I can attest the highest qualification to Jerome Marcus followed by my recommendation.

Dom Famularo (Drumming's Global Ambassador)

I have known Jerome for about 20 years and have worked with him in every type of drumming situation. Jerome organized performance events, magazine, radio and TV interviews, photo sessions, clinic tours, festivals, store openings, master classes, private lessons... everything. Each event was perfectly choreographed so maximum results came from effective planning.

We travelled from coast to coast, met thousands of people and pushed business forward for each company involved.

Also, his photography skills captured the essence of each event. He made every music magazine aware of the results to inform thousands of readers of our efforts.

The memories are positive and each adventure was exciting.

Once Jerome gets his teeth onto a project, he does not let go until everyone is satisfied. I look forward to more situations where Jerome and I put the machine in go mode and continue the adventures!

Mark Schulman (P!nk / Cher)

Whenever I have talked about the best reps in the industry, Jerome has always been at the top of the list. As a matter of fact, on several occasions, I have said to other people at different times in the past that I wished some of my companies would hire someone like Jerome! He is the model artist rep and consultant. Jerome is attentive, communicative and creative in how he navigates the path between the artists' needs and the business needs of the companies.

Bernhard Castiglioni (Drummerworld)

It was a sad day for me when I heard that Jerome Marcus no longer was at Sabian. I would just like to say that he is one of the most dedicated and hard working people that I’ve met in the business. I’ve witnessed how he throws his passion into his work backstage and has a way with drummers, especially his advice when it comes to cymbals. He was a great asset to Sabian and I would like to thank him for his courtesy and help and for being a great supporter of Drummerworld. I wish him the best on his new business and hope it won’t be too long before we meet again.

Will Calhoun (Living Colour)

I have known and worked with Jerome Marcus for the past five years during his time with Sabian International as their Artist Relations Manager. I enjoyed his support, and his diligent work ethic achieves the best results. His intelligence and ability to work with anyone makes him a unique professional. I wish the entertainment industry had more people like Jerome Marcus – art would rise to a much higher standard.

James Cumpsty (Photographer)

Knowing Jerome for the last 15 years I have come to expect to see him wherever I am working. Be it backstage at a gig, at festivals or in the studio with recording artists, he is right there, getting the story, helping an artist with the press or shooting footage / stills for a client. He is one of the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable and down-right 'get it done' guys in the business. He’s wandered into a few shots of mine too, as he crouches behind a drummer on stage to get an action shot. He gets the access, and the images.

Ralph Salmins (Robbie Williams / Van Morrison)

Jerome is part of the furniture on the London music scene. I've known him for longer than I can remember and he's one of the great personalities around. Jerome has set the standard for looking after people and making things happen - he's a true people person with real enthusiasm for music.

Thanks for everything Jerome and I look forward to more of the same soon!


Dean Bowdery (Marketing Director, Protection Racket)

Two words sum up Jerome perfectly; consummate professional.  Jerome shares the exact same values, business philosophy and work ethics as we do here at Protection Racket HQ.  Our business is all about building and maintaining relationships and providing the ultimate in customer service and support for the artists who we are lucky enough to have use and abuse our products. No-one appreciates this more than Jerome.  Working with Jerome is an absolute pleasure, his passion is infectious, his knowledge of the musical industry and related products is vast and his commitment to a project from start to finish is unwavering.  Everyone I’ve ever spoken to in this industry respects Jerome, his reputation precedes him and quite rightly so.

Pete Lewis (Sound Attak)

I opened Sound Attak (Colchester) in 1993 and shortly after I had the pleasure of meeting Jerome at our first Drum Clinic with Dom Famularo. We immediately became good friends as well as colleagues. From that day on Jerome has tirelessly helped and supported us over many years. His vision for the industry is amazing. A true professional in every way!

Geoff Dugmore (Session Great)

I have been an endorsee for Sabian cymbals since 1987 and can say that during the time Jerome was Artist Relations manager his devotion to the job was always 100%. His ability to communicate with clear and precise thought was always an inspiration. We worked together on every aspect of our profession - clinic tours, studio projects and touring. Jerome was always available 24 hours a day and his understanding of musicians created a very easy work and personal relationship. Working around the world demands the very best back-up and Jerome was always on hand to provide every professional requirement - indeed he is one of a kind.

I can honestly say that Jerome is a total professional in every sense of the word - a great communicator and the ultimate motivator.

Dave Carrera (Carrera Drums)

I started developing the ideas for Carrera Drums back in 2009 & very early on had the pleasure of meeting Jerome. His insight and knowledge of the business and the needs of artists is second to none and inspiring. On a business level, Jerome has advised us at Carrera & we attribute a healthy part of our growing success down to this. On a Artist level, Jerome's relationships with some of the world's top percussion & drumming artists brings us invaluable feedback of today's modern sticksmen requirements. On a personal level, I have the pleasure in stating that Jerome & I have become very good friends & looking forward to working with Jerome on new & exciting projects in the coming years. Jerome is a total professional, meticulous in the detail of any project he is involved with & incredibly easy to work with.