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We have had the pleasure and the privilege of working with some of the most talented people in the business. Here is what some of them have had to say about our services:

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Gilson Lavis (Jools Holland & The Rhythm & Blues Orchestra)

If ever there was a chap born to be in this line of work, it's Jerome. He is the most professional and knowledgeable company man I've ever had the privilege of working with. His enthusiasm and encouragement are second to none. I sincerely wish Jerome all that he surely deserves, and congratulations to his next employer.

Troy Miller (Amy Winehouse)

When it comes to cymbals, Jerome must have one of the most sensitive ears I've come across. He has catered for my cymbal sounds, which is commendable considering my fussiness. On top of this, he is one of the most dedicated people in the industry and has been very supportive during the formative years of my career. Jerome has a wealth of ideas which can be tapped into for the benefit of all drummers.

Jason Bowld (Pitchshifter)

I met Jerome ten years ago when I first joined Pitchshifter. At the time, I was overwhelmed with how accommodating and down-to-earth he was and how much he seemed to care about 'the artist.' Having toured worldwide with bands of all statures over the years, it soon become clear to me that Jerome was also well known globally. I put this down to his positive work ethic and, most importantly, his passionate nature with music as a whole. As our friendship has grown, Jerome has always been there for advice and support through the ups and downs of my career - this is a rarity and certainly not of the nature of someone who just cares about graphs and accountancy figures. Jerome is someone who injects much-needed soul into a business or corporation and in my book, as an artist, that's the special ingredient that can give a corporation the edge over its contemporaries.

Robin Guy (Rockin' Session Great)

I've known Jerome Marcus for close to 25 years now as a friend, and for over ten years professionally. During this time Jerome has continually amazed me with not only his knowledge (his mind is a database!), but with his 'hands on' approach to getting the job done. This includes:

  • headhunting new drumming talent as it surfaces - and beating the competition (eg: signing Keane, Enter Shikari etc)
  • taking live & studio pix for major websites, including many I have used myself
  • suggesting ways of expanding my sound - from Jerome's own personal 'road experience'
  • recommending new products as they come in
  • introducing me to many people / companies that have played a major part in my career
  • conducting last-minute interviews / pictures / film footage of international artists, when he learns that they are touring the UK and 'in town'

He always has time for you and is always coming up with boundary-pushing ideas, which I know has helped Sabian expand on all levels to become truly loved worldwide.

To have Jerome on your side / team is to equip yourself with the very best there is. He is highly motivational, and like the proverbial washing powder advert, "you'll see outstanding results in no time at all!"


Stephen Gilchrist (Graham Coxon)

Jerome is one of those rare beasts in the music industry in that he is all about the music. His is as passionate about the art as his is about  giving his artists the support they need whether they be Billy Cobham or Billy Whoever. His knowledge of drums  is second to none, his energy know no bounds and he will always go above and beyond the call of duty.


Charlie Morgan (Session Great, Elton John)

 I first met Jerome through Sabian cymbals.  I was on tour with Elton John,  and needed some cymbals in a hurry.  He arrived at the door of my apartment, weighed down with cymbal bags,  and didn't leave until I was happy with my choice.  SInce then we have become good friends as well as business associates.  Somehow I knew from  that first meeting that this would be the case. He is a true professional in everything he does.  His work ethic is second to none and his dedication is tireless.  I love this guy!

Steve Clarke (Jazz Independent)

Jerome has always taken the time to listen to my music and I have never had the slighest hesitation in asking him to personally select my Sabian cymbals for recording or live purposes, his advice and knowledge on matching cymbals is outstanding. He’s consistantly been 100% in utilizing his professional approach with his unparallel expert service to the endorsees – an example to the industry.  In addition, he’s a respected figure at the many trade fairs worldwide including NAMM (Anaheim, U.S.) and Musikmesse (Frankfurt, Germany) – he has a great reputation that goes before him.

Patrick De Smet (Principal Percussionist, Night of the Proms)

As the percussionist of "The Night of the Proms" in europe, I was very lucky to meet Jerome in Germany on one of our concerts. If you don't like his friendliness, you also probably won't even notice his knowledge about cymbals, percussion and drums. Even his natural and correct way of dealing with artists wouldn't be something you spotted...  Well I did, and I thank Jerome for just who and what he is! Not enough you think? OK, add the word trust to all this and when you walk somewhere and recognise all this in the person you are talking to? Well say hello from me to Jerome!

Cheryl Alleyne (Courtney Pine)

Jerome Marcus - the very name means Sabian in every sense of the word!

Working as a freelance session drummer, from hip-hop / rap group Us3 to renowned jazz saxophonist Courtney Pine, there have been many occasions when I needed to be serviced with replacement cymbals. He would give me quality time to choose the correct cymbal for the situation and / or give me invaluable information about them.

His knowledge and incredible enthusiasm has been no less than impressive and I always felt at ease with him as he always had time to listen to my cymbal needs, so it was indeed a very sad day when I received the news that he would no longer be working with Sabian. I felt that a special link with Sabian was now gone.

Jerome Marcus communicated with each of us on a personal level, striving to give us all exactly what we needed. On a personal note, his professional services to me will never be forgotten.


Billy Doherty (The Undertones)

I have been very fortunate to know Jerome for many, many years now. He has helped me enormously throughout the years with his expertise and advice.

Jerome has always delivered on his promises and has always been totally committed to maintaining a strong relationship with his endorsees, and thankfully I was one of them.

Jerome is truly one in a million.

Kenny Jones (The Faces / The Who)

Jerome has been the face of Sabian in the UK for a good many years. His knowledge of Sabian cymbals and level of service given to me has been no less than efficient whether in the UK or abroad. Jerome is also a drummer and sensitive to the blending of cymbal sounds; he’s a great listener to my needs and came up with a great working set of cymbals that represents me behind the kit. He is respected by many in the business and I personally hold him in high regard. I share the view of many that he will be missed as Sabian in the UK but am ever confident that wherever he goes, whoever picks him as a work colleague will have him as a valuable gem of an asset.

Gordon Marshall (The Moody Blues)

I just thought I'd pop you a quick line to tell you how much I have appreciated your continuous help, and how much I've enjoyed working with you over the years. As I realise you are moving onto 'pastures new', I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in the various situations I've found myself in. Your professionalism and tenacity have certainly reflected well on me and the artists I have worked for. One particular occasion comes to mind, when I began a tour with the Moody Blues: we had a completely different sound system (we all changed to 'in ear' monitoring), and Justin said he thought my cymbals were 'too bright' and asked would I change them? They were already brand new, a set you and I had chosen in the UK. I was now in Texas and needed a completely different set of cymbals! I think I phoned you at what would have been midnight in the UK with a request for a change of cymbals, from a hotel phone. They were there the next day! Justin was very pleased and of course this reflects well on me, as it appears I have chosen the perfect people to back me up on the road. This is just one of many occasions when you have proven your professional credentials to be more than worthy.

Whoever is lucky enough to have you working with them in the future will, I imagine, quickly come to realise what an asset they have in you, as I did in our 15 years working together. Good luck in the future my friend, and please keep me informed of your next project.

Jody Linscott (David Gilmour / Pete Townsend / Tom Jones)

Jerome is like Old Faithful. After 20 years he is his same, immovable, reliable self. He's got the right side and left side of his brain in sync so he is a good musician and a good businessman too. Now he is a photographer and interviewer! What, I wonder, will be next! It's no surprise to see how many feathers he keeps adding to that vast cap of his.

Ed Thigpen (Jazz Legend)

It is a pleasure to give testament to the character and work ethic of Jerome Marcus. I can say from firsthand experience that he is most reliable in every aspect. Jerome knows and loves the music business and takes great pride in the way in which he takes care of the artists and companies he serves. PERFECTO! I am looking forward to working together again.

Ian Matthews (Kasabian)

I've known Jerome for over five years. During his time with Sabian he was very helpful with his knowledge of the products and his experience in the wider industry. He was always at the end of the phone whenever I needed advice, and he regularly came to live shows to offer his support.

Sola Akingbola (Percussionist, Jamiroquai)

I first met Jerome Marcus through working with a wonderful UK based drummer Tony Mason. We were both about to embark on a world tour with Ronny Jordan, who had recently released his hit single ‘So What’ - yes, a version of the classic Miles Davis tune!

During the rehearsals for the tour, I was seriously impressed with the sound of Tony’s cymbals as well as his awesome power playing.

I was quickly introduced to Jerome, who I found to be engaging, enthusiastic and motivated.

What continues to impress me most about Jerome Marcus is his appreciation of the needs of modern drummers and his constant interest for our sonic palates. Jerome would always call me to wax lyrical new Sabian cymbals he thought I would love!

Bernard Purdie (Session Great, Steely Dan / Aretha Franklin and many more)

Having had the pleasure of working Jerome on several projects over the past fifteen years, I have to wish him success in his new endeavour.  With passion, principles and commitment to helping drummers and business clients succeed, I know he will be a valuable addition to any corporation or even a great leader in your own company.

Derek McKenzie (Jamiroquai)

Jerome, I have to say, has been very professional in his attitude, work principles, advice and dedication to his work in every way. I have known Jerome for around 10 to 15 years, and every time I’ve met him, I’ve managed to get good advice and help from him.  Since I’ve been with Sabian cymbals he’s always given me good advice, even with my projects abroad. He’s advised me very well and his advice has been clear-cut. 

I’ve also had the opportunity to meet Jerome at various drum clinics and festivals worldwide and he is always communicating and talking about cymbals, drumsticks, drumheads and basically anything to do with drums to drummers - I have to respect that passion.

I also found Jerome to be incredibly helpful when I was touring abroad. Even when he was away from the UK himself he’s managed to get cymbals to me within a couple of days and that’s amazing when he’s not in the comfort of his workplace. He provided a really good back up service and is always ready to sort out any problems and this efficiency credits me when it comes to being a professional. This is such a great asset to have in any company.

All in all, he is a sound professional person with a fantastic and amazing attitude and I can assure you he is a great person to have on board for anybody who takes him on. / MySpace /

Mitch Glover (Kosheen)

I’ve known Jerome both professionally and personally for 8 years. He has been the consummate professional right from the very start and all the way though my career to date.

Thanks to his knowledge and enthusiasm I was able to achieve the cymbal sound that works best for my band (Kosheen).

I wish him all the best in his future ventures and hope to work again with him in the very near future. / MySpace

Steve Kellner (Session Great)

Jerome, to me, is how in a perfect world I'd love everyone in artist relations or product management to be. Over the twenty plus years I've had the pleasure of knowing him, he has always been consistent and true to his every word.

His sheer enthusiasm for music, a product or life would be enough to overcome most obstacles. This combined with his absolute professionalism and an in depth knowledge of drums and percussion will surely set him up for any challenges the future might hold. Once again, a great big thanks for everything.

Bob Henrit (Drumming Great & Music Critic)

I first met Jerome at an Argent gig at the Plymouth Guildhall in the very early seventies. Since then our paths crossed every now and then until they eventually coincided in 1998 when I was in charge of the Arbiter AT project and Jerome was amongst other things spearheading the growth of Sabian cymbals and enthusiastically looking after the company’s ever-growing list of endorsers. His enthusiasm for the product and its people knew no bounds and you could not turn-up to a music festival, gig or awards ceremony without seeing him. The percussion team at Arbiter was extremely successful and Jerome contributed at least as much as his fair share to it.

Ross MacFarlane (Sharleen Spiteri)

I have been a Sabian endorsee since 1994. Jerome made me feel part of the Sabian 'family' right away. He was aware of my needs straight away, picking the right cymbals for the various projects I was working on.

He was more than a 'guy who sorts my cymbals'. He added passion and care to his job, something I will very much miss.

He was involved in all areas of my drumming career, whether it was touring, studio or promotional events. Sabian have lost a very passionate and truly committed guy, something I feel is all too thin on the ground these days.

Jerome – thank you for the past 14 years, and I hope to work with you again, sooner rather than later. Look forward to seeing you very soon.

Karl Brazil (James Blunt)

I have known and worked with Jerome for over ten years now. As well as being a great friend he has supported me and given me a superb professional service at any time of day with any kind of notice.

Having a guy take care of you who is as passionate as you are about drums is rare. Jerome is a dedicated man and has always provided me with the most efficient service.

Thanks to Jerome I have met other great drummers and people in the business.

Jerome is the kind of guy that makes the drummers’ community what it is -to handle as many drummers as he does takes some doing!

Marco Soccoli (Director of Artist Relations, Vic Firth)

I would like to say that Jerome is not only a great drummer but a great person! I have worked with him for many years and I know that whatever he does he will do it well.

Congrats on your website and I look forward to working together again.

Darren Suckling (Drumtech)

Jerome has always been the person to deal with when it comes to organising master classes at Drumtech. He is efficient, professional and a pleasure to work with. He has a great rapour with the artists, which always puts them at ease.

Miles Bould (Percussionist, Sting / Simply Red / John Martyn)

I have known Jerome for somewhere near 20 years now. On first meeting him I was immediately struck by his passion for music and intense observation of the workings of a band... and I loved it!

He gave me my first proper endorsement deal with Sabian and I was over the moon. I think he really understood what it meant to me - and to anyone else he has helped, for that matter - to obtain an endorsement deal. Having worked really hard to be a serious musician it was a stepping stone to confidence and gave me a healthy respect for other players and their achievements.

Jerome has since given me well-informed, passionate advice on all things drums and cymbals as well as his honest views on music, and he has always supported me as a musician.

Outside of the mad business of music and the far more important and wonderful thing that is playing music, I consider him a real friend and enjoy our long chats about life, the universe and everything. / MySpace

Dan Foord (SikTh)

Anytime Sabian were to be represented Jerome would be there helping the artists. To anyone involved with the company in the UK he was the face of Sabian and represented what the company stood for. He nurtured talent from early on, picking me up at the start of my career and always making the effort to give the best service he could.

Jerome has always shown foresight in picking artists at the early stages and making them feel an important asset to the company. He has created a family-like mentality, providing advice when ever needed with a wealth of knowledge not only about the cymbals but also about other Sabian artists and their set-ups. He’s taught me so much about cymbals and made me understand and appreciate the acoustic qualities of cymbals and how to blend them to refine my sound.

From my perspective, he represented the ideals of the company - innovative with a deep-rooted knowledge of history. I will certainly miss him as my cymbal guy, and he deserves the best opportunities the industry has to offer. Thumbs up!


Johnnie Allan (Phantom Music Management / Rawpower Management)

I have known Jerome Marcus for more than six years, and he has in that time been the mainstay of support and backup for Sabian Cymbals and Arbiter UK. All of the artists that we have managed and looked after during this time have always had the most professional relationship with Jerome.

Come rain or shine, indoor or festivals, Jerome would be there to cover all the last minute requests and replacements. I do not know many people who are as dedicated as Jerome - if there were there would be fewer problems in this industry of ours.

Taku Hirano (Percussionist, Fleetwood Mac / Stevie Nicks / Bette Midler)

Jerome Marcus is truly the embodiment of "artist relations". Everything from his personality, to his attention to detail, to the hospitality I received when I was in London with Fleetwood Mac was first-rate.

Carmine Appice (Rock Great)

My professional experience with Jerome Marcus was always one of a great positive attitude and one of love for what he is doing. Whenever I needed something when I came to the UK I never had to ask twice - everything was always taken care of first class. Not only are his work ethics great, but he is a great person to spend time with while we performed concerts in the UK. I miss him when I come to the UK - he is one of the best professionals I have worked with.

Geoff Nicholls (Journalist & Musician)

I’ve known Jerome Marcus for more than a dozen years and have always found him to be a splendid fellow. His enthusiasm for drums, drumming and drummers - people in general - is unbounded. In my job as a journalist, while Jerome was the European ‘face’ of a major percussion company, I always found him ready and eager to help out at the drop of a hat. He is a keen communicator with terrific natural energy and a desire to do well. He has been a good friend and valued colleague on numerous occasions.

Daniel Erlandsson (Arch Enemy)

I got to know Jerome through his work at Sabian. No matter what, I could always count on him being there to deliver the goods and the expertise whenever I needed it.


Billy Cobham (Jazz / Fusion Great)

He’s all about the business of getting it done!

Darren Toms (The Hurt Process / Plastichead Music Distribution)

He picked me up at the beginning of my career and in my eyes was a massive credit to Sabian and all the drummers associated with him. Even if you were 'small fry' on the roster you would still get the same treatment from Jerome - a guy with a massive heart and mind. He has always shown major talent in picking up artists who would then go on to massive things.

I couldn't think of anyone else I would rather have on my side than Jerome. He deserves the best opportunities within the music industry – he's a 24 carat diamond!

Sam Kelly (Session Great)

I've known Jerome for over 20 years, and we've worked together both onstage as musicians and offstage through his A&R work. He has a great commercial business sense and a solid grounding as a player, and that's one of the reasons we're still working together today - plus he's also a damn fine percussionist!

Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates / Nemhain)

I have worked with Jerome since I started endorsing Sabian cymbals in 2001.

His detailed knowledge and passion for his work and the music industry as a whole became apparent to me straight away.

He offered me a prompt, precise and very educating service, sharing all his knowledge at the drop of a hat with advice on everything from cymbals to lead singer problems and tent pegs :)

We have had a close and very friendly working relationship and it was a sad day when he and Sabian parted company. I hope that our fate will cross again very soon.

Geoff Dunn (Session Great, Van Morrison / Joe Cocker / Leo Sayer)

I have known Jerome now for more years than I care to say, both in his capacity as artist liaison at Sabian and as a fellow musician and friend. During this time his personal integrity has always shone through: his commitment and attention to detail, his enthusiasm, positive energy and focus have always been contagious, and his honesty and down to earth attitude have made my time with Sabian very rewarding personally and professionally. This same attitude was experienced by me in my first interaction with Jerome as an up and coming teenager on a gig - being treated generously and encouraged by someone at a young age is something that has a lasting impact in one’s life. / / MySpace

Chris Pennie (Coheed & Cambria / The Dillinger Escape Plan)

I first formally met Jerome this past summer while playing some festivals overseas. He is truly an amazing person - he is positive, hard working, has tremendous knowledge of the music world and is gracious to share that energy and excitement. Totally infectious.

Mike Dell (DrumScool)

Over the years Jerome and I have worked together on many projects, with setting up my mobile drum school DrumScool and 2007’s Download Festival being particular highlights. I have always found his enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication to this business to be inspirational.

When I come up with any ideas for DrumScool, I always talk them over with Jerome as his open-minded approach has to be admired.

He can make things happen, whether it is marketing a product, putting a team together for major events or, in my case, putting me in touch with drummers / drum tutors for alternative drumming techniques. Furthermore, he has brought me closer to companies and suppliers resulting in the enhancement of my business.

I look forward to working with him again and I have no hesitation in saying that his contribution is simply invaluable.

Tony Mason (Session Great)

I've known Jerome Marcus for a very long time through him dealing with my equipment and drum clinics - he really has the boots for this business.

All I have to say are three words: 'love, passion and dedication.' That’s what makes him a trusted professional.